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Found 20th Dec 2017
My bed is absolutely knackered, I am looking for suggestions on where to purchase a great sturdy bed that will stand the test of time, that is comfortable and stylist.

If you have any suggestions please share, on types to look for, specific models, or even websites.

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We were in a similar situation a couple of years ago ... I've got a friend who does wood turning, he turned us 4 ornate corner pieces 8.5 foot tall and 2 pieces for halfway along the frame , we then purchased, finished, 150mm x 40mm planks, plus some 2" x 1" to support the slats, screwed the lot together and got a lovely King Size 4 poster bed frame for about £130 inc slats ... Made to measure for a King Size mattress, total cost was around £250 Inc curtails & material, I expect it to last for a few years as it doesn't seem to get the action the old one got!!
I bought my first bed from ebay.. What a shambles.. the pop up storage system broke within a year and all the slats broke within months! The mattress was a joke too.. comfortable to begin with but a month or two in and it was ruined!

After suffering with it for a couple years I bit the bullet n went to a bed shop.. got a divan.. never having slats again.. and the mattress is like 10 times thicker..!

Basically I'm saying don't buy cheap or off any dodgy sites.. most of the mattresses are made with waste materials..
Have a shop around and try the beds out .. at the end of the day you're going to be spending a good portion of your day in it x

I bought from a local bed shop to me not a big chain like dreams.. I got a fantastic deal though as my work deal with them all the time.. So lucky

Definitely recommend a sturdy divan with a nice pocket sprung mattress.. I'd avoid memory foam as it retains heat and will likely make for an uncomfortable sweaty night
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