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Found 16th Jun
Hi, I need some bedroom lock recommendations. I’ve seen ones with keys. But they are doorknobs. Which can be easily opened.

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Should have added we do fostering and found these to be brilliant. The only two downsides are possibly having to fit, and they beep when pressing the buttons. Other than that they can be coded individually and with a master number. You can buy them off Amazon for under £40 each.
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IMO a hat or sock on the handle is the best bedroom door lock.
Just remember most bedroom doors are paper thin and can easily be leaned on. If your trying to secure the room in the true sense it won’t do a damn thing, if your trying to stop someone walking in whilst you have your bf/gf round then as above should help.
RichSturman30 m ago

This to stop anyone coming in your room while asleep …This to stop anyone coming in your room while asleep etc.

These are great. We have one. Insurance policy - in case the kids you think are asleep want to come in and tell you they are not - at an inconvenient time for parents !
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