Good bet... Or not?

    Bulgaria v Montenegro (Backing Bulgaria @ 1.74)
    Bosnia v France (Backing France @ 2.78)
    Switzerland v England (Backing England @ 1.9)

    £10 stake returns £82


    i reckon
    ENGLAND WIN (or draw)

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    Although Switzerland are no pushovers England should win.

    France are in a state but if they cant beat Bosnia then they might as well pack it in.

    Bulgaria aren't great and i see this as the risky leg of the bet although Bulgaria ranked 43 and Montenegro 73.


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    i reckonDRAWDRAWENGLAND WIN (or draw)

    A £10 stake on

    England win will return £211

    Think France will struggle especially after losing to Belarus other should be ok


    Bulgaria v Montenegro - HW
    Bosnia v France - AW
    Switzerland v England - AW

    France are in a right mess, think that is the weak link in that bet

    Head says


    Heart says


    parlays are never a good bet tbh


    no way i would back france at the moment

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    Thanks for replys

    Anyone else having a bet tonight?

    How about a stupid Leichtenstein (sp) to beat Scotland and Andorra to beat ROI at around 1600/1?

    Stranger things have happened (not much mind)

    Definitely stay clear of France, dreadful form, new coach and missing players.

    Also England at 1/9 is far too skinny to make it worthwhile, especially as Switzerland are incredibly well organised under Hitzfeld.

    Persoanlly I'm liking England, Scotland and Republic of Ireland (Vs Andorra) to all keep clean sheets tonight at 11-4

    ^^ it's not 1/9 for England it's 1.9 (or around evens in old money)

    Personally early group matches are hard to call as like the world cup no one to get off to a losing start and most teams hedge their bets fo rthe first 3 or 4 matches so draws are more likely imo.
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    OP where you get thm odds from? I can't check odds in work.

    I'm thinking of putting a cheeky tenner on those teams and adding Turkey to win to the list.

    Switzerland beat spain, conceded 1 goal in 5 games.

    1-0 England for me.

    France are dead in the water, not a safe bet and won't be for a few years.

    1-1 or 1-0

    Montenegro sans serbia aren't a force, Bulgaria are average at best but should be too good.


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    Paddy Charlie

    OP where you get thm odds from? I can't check odds in work. I'm thinking … OP where you get thm odds from? I can't check odds in work. I'm thinking of putting a cheeky tenner on those teams and adding Turkey to win to the list.


    I've just added Turkey to the list for you and a £10 stake returns £139.80.

    1 Turkey v Belgium (Backing Turkey @ 1.67)
    2 Switzerland v England (Backing England @ 1.94)
    3 Bosnia v France (Backing France @ 2.68)
    4 Bulgaria v Montenegro (Backing Bulgaria @ 1.7)

    Total stake: £10.00
    Your total potential win: £139.80


    Cheers mate I'll stick that on, its just to give me an interest in other games as I'll be watching Ireland beat the mighty Andorra!! I could stick Ireland on there and get about 1/50 for my trouble

    Personally I would have replaced France with Turkey for around £55, the problem is you think oh just one more to make the return look even better, everyone falls into the same trap.

    One of those 4 games will be a draw.
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    This is my Acca from tonight

    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Turkey - Belgium
    Match Result : Turkey (Odds : 17/25)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Austria - Kazakhstan
    Match Result : Austria (Odds : 3/10)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Germany - Azerbaijan
    Match Result : Germany (Odds : 1/100)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Russia - Slovakia
    Match Result : Russia (Odds : 1/2)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Ireland - Andorra
    Match Result : Ireland (Odds : 3/100)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Italy - Faroe Islands
    Match Result : Italy (Odds : 1/100)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Denmark - Iceland
    Match Result : Denmark (Odds : 7/20)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Czech Republic - Lithuania
    Match Result : Czech Republic (Odds : 3/10)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Sweden - San Marino
    Match Result : Sweden (Odds : 1/100)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Holland - Finland
    Match Result : Holland (Odds : 3/25)
    Football, Euro Champ. Qual.
    Scotland - Liechtenstein
    Match Result : Scotland (Odds : 1/10)

    works out about 6.5/1


    I usually only do 2 teams if putting on a serious bet and usually for more than £10 this is only to make it more interesting so if I win happy days and if I lose it's only a tenner and I get it back through Quidco.

    And Marty your coupon is quite risky, you went for Scotland oO

    Scotland is a no brainer

    Scotland win so could i, Scotland lose and the chip on there shoulder gets bigger

    Personally I would take out Germany, Italy and Sweden. As all three teams only win you a few pence more, quite literally!
    There will be a few draws tonight and perhaps do a few lines with a different draw in each line.

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    Not gonna have the flutter

    Good luck to those that are


    Not looking good lol


    Not such a good bet after all...

    Czech Republic are ruining my 15 team accumulator



    Czech Republic are ruining my 15 team accumulator

    Ouch and you'd have counted that as a banker!! How much would you have been on to win?


    shows what a mugs game betting is really, especially the football. No-one won on this thread.

    ^^^ absolutely but that's the beauty of football, so unpredictable. Nearly all went for the Bulgarian win and argued about the other two. It's a funny ol game.

    There is always one in an accumulator that doesn't go to plan.

    Bet Marty was miffed the first match to finish was the Russia game which blew it straight away..

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    I won something. Lost a tenner on the accumulator but covered it with a £15 bet on France.

    So put out £25, and getting £31 back, £10 quidco and a £25 free bet
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