Good Bioethanol fuel?

    Hi everyone.

    I recently bought a bioethanol fireplace from La Hacienda and found that there was quite a strong smell when using the fuel (ekofuel bioethanol)

    Can anyone recommend a decent Bioethanol fuel that doesnt smell so much?


    We use Crystal Bio Ethanol with some fragrance oil
    We don't think it has a strong smell

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    aah, do you use any fragrance oil?
    Where did you buy the fuel from?

    We get ours from BioFires and yes we use an oil fragrance.

    How much do you pay per bottle?

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    Oh... I meant can you use any fragrance oil.?

    I think I bought it from ekofuel direct. It was £30 for 12 litres and in 1 litre bottle. Thus delivery is a fiver more.
    Most places on Amazon offer it for 38.90 including P and p.

    As long as the price isn't extortionate I'm flexible but would rather have a fragrance free one. The ekofuel our says it's not meant to smell but it does.

    Where do you put the oil? I saw a few fireplaces that have a little pot built in the metal case which acts like one of those tea light burners and gives off a fragrance but mine doesn't have that.
    Would pouring the fragrance oil into the fuel not just burn it off?

    I think Crystal Bio Ethanol is around £50 for 12 litres - I didn't realise you could buy other brands!

    Check here for instructions…tml

    I used to get my fuel from B&Q

    and the price was very good

    not sure lately but worth a look



    I used to get my fuel from B&Qand the price was very goodnot sure lately … I used to get my fuel from B&Qand the price was very goodnot sure lately but worth a lookEliTom

    how much was it roughly EliTom?


    how much was it roughly EliTom?

    can't remember now ..... but something like 3x 2l bottles for £17 or £18 ..... maybe less

    not bought any since last year as I stocked up !


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    What brand did you buy elitom
    Does it smell?
    They have la hacienda 2l for 6 quid
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