Good bluetooth/camera phone for under £100?

    I've got a limit of £100 (EMA bonus) and I'm wanting to buy a new phone that has a 1+ mega pixel camera and has bluetooth on it.

    I've had a look around and I've found some good suiting ones, but then read the bad reviews.

    I'm currently on o2 and wanting to keep my number if possible.

    Thanks alot guys ;-)


    Is it a PAYG mobile you are after?
    If it's on O2 you could keep the Sim (if it's PAYG) and put it in the 'new' mobile or port it over to your new network.

    o2 stores K750i 89.99

    minus £20 if got old phone and charger

    and if you are on pay and go give them your number and get your average monthly top as credit or alternatively half your average monthly top up as further discount

    i.e £20 monthly top up would get you K750i for £60 or £70 with £20 credit with trade ins, or add £20 if no old handset and charger to trade in.

    Hope this helps


    i deffo agree on the k750i, its 89.99 in the o2 shops, with a £20 trade in if you give us an old phone and charger

    so £69.99 all in, which is a great price for a very good phone

    LG choc not a patch on K750i in my opinion spec wise

    the K750i is almost the perfect phone....just that little joystick problem that can arise and nearly always does, thats why i got the w810i, no joystick!
    Great phone, especially at that price

    w810i is approximately double the price currently

    doesnt really warrant the extra in my opinion.

    It came out a long time after the w800 so really should have been a lot better spec than it is imo

    to be fair to it though it does come boxed with the 512 card and the nicer headphones which retailers normally sell for £29.99.
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