Good books about World War 2????

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Found 24th Nov 2009
Not sure if ive put this in the right section but what are some very good books about world war 2 please? Want to get them for christmas for someone who is really into reading about it, but there are so many books out there i thought id ask for some help!
Id really appreciate it, thanks

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mein kampf

aparently a very good read and it obvliously puts a very different view on things would reccomend it if the person is really into WW2 lit

although may be abit controversial



i know you asked about books but the "world at war" series on dvd is supposed to be a classic , mein kampf isnt really "about" ww2 , also it is tedious. maybe ask at your local library . : )

fiction or factual??
the works have some good books on ww2 if you have a local store.
band of brothers is a great book if your talking fiction


the dvd set is now £16 90 in zavvi
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