Good broadband/tv/phone deal on virginmedia

Found 19th Jan 2009
Can anyone suggest how to negotiate a deal with virgin, i was asking for L Broadband, L TV, M phone, and the best they would offer was £33 a month with £30 instalation charge.

I am on M broadband and phone now for £15.50 and contract runs out in march.

What deals have people got?
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1) Sign up through Quidco.
2) Wait about 20 days into your contract
3) Phone up and "cancel" within 30 days of your trial due to cheaper offers elsewhere
4) Sit back and enjoy the offers - if nothing offered then cancel!

EDIT - Should learn to read...

Just call to say you are moving to sky but thought youd ask as a friend is on a better deal than you what you can get. Im on L BB, L Phone and XL TV for £36
Is it possible to sign up a new contract if i cancel at the end of my current one?
Looking at price after quidco, refer a friend (if they work) it comes out at about £26 a month.
Ridiculous that they cant offer that or better for an existing customer.

Also just rang up tiscali how i was trying to price match, and they say tv is not guaranteed and i can only get it 28 days after i sign up! Plus i would have to pay £100 instalation. So looks like that isnt an option.

Any other deals out there? I would like 8-10mg broadband (preferably unlimited), tv with sky1, and cheapest phone.
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