Good Broker in UK for...

    Hopefully someone somewhere can help.

    After a UK broker which will let me purchase OTC Pink sheets? It seems impossible finding anyone who'll let me do this.



    tdwaterhouse. Their prices are .. ok.
    Think you can only do pink sheets over the phone. Give em a bell to find out.

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    Thanks guys.

    Haven't seen interactivebrokers before. Are they reliable? Will dig into it a little more.

    I've registered at tdwaterhouse actually, unfortunately my account requires 'further verification' before it can be opened. Haven't had so much as an email from them since I registered last week so i am getting a tad worried. However seems they're closed due to the holidays (and then there's bank hol & boxing day) so perhaps no ones actually at the office to process my application?

    Anyhow, guess I'll have to wait on tdwaterhouse, may just look into IB some more too.
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