Good but Cheap (haha?!) LCD TV 32'' inch ish


    I know there is a few topics on this but none of them can put my mind to rest.

    I am after a good LCD TV HD preferably i guess, for about 350 quid really. doesn't have to be amazing brand or amazing super future elite technology but i want it to be decent/good.

    can anyone recommend something good. would look at 28'' if the quality was better for decent price. mostly after a big tv i guess, so would want 28'' lowest size i guess.

    about £350 of my hard earned dolla would be nice

    thanks i'm new to this whole thing
    alex :thumbsup:


    i bouht my 32" bush lcd with built in freeview for £280 from ebay. try on there and see wat bargain you will get

    currys / dixons have the orion 32" which is £399 with twin hdmi (was on special at £350 last bank holiday) and aldi have a tevion with twin hdmi for £389

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    Ah, I am under the impression those tv's are pretty bad tho? is that right, people certainly seemed to slate that bush one on here?

    I looked at the orion, it didnt look that bad ..

    if your willing to go smaller 26" LG LCD is £299 at richersounds
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