Good car dealerships......?

    Hi I am desperate for a new car but all the dealers I go to dont seem interested, maybe cos I don't want finance.
    I want a diesel, either a focus, astra or I am very keen now on an audi a3 or a4.
    Can someone give me advice where is good for good service and where they will do me a good deal.
    I don't want to spend loads but I am ready to buy now. Also I am from the north west (Liverpool) but will travel if it is worth it!!!
    I thought this credit crunch would make them desperate to sell to me, how wrong I have been....
    Thanks for your help!


    There seem to be plenty of pre-reg 08 or 58 Focus and Astra diesels around for between £10k and 11K.

    Audi A3s and A4s will cost you nearer 20k for a new one. I don't recall ever seeing a pre-reg so presume Audi don't play the same registration game as the likes of Ford and Vauxhall.

    Try searching for the model you want on Autotrader used cars and specify mileage under 5,000 and you should find the pre-regs.

    to get round the fact they dont seem interested when u mention paying by cash the best thing to do is not tell them how ur gonna pay.

    When i went to get my new car..i told them it would depend on the deal they were offering (i always intended to pay cash) but this meant that they would engage in a sale with u and then at the end i would be like oh i think i shall pay in cash..

    My advice is this.... We were looking at a brand new Fiesta, told them we wanted to pay cash and the dealer offered 2,500 off the top of the range new model, but it was really a bit too small.

    On the off chance I looked at Honda. Went to my local dealer in Ashford, Kent and bought a pre reg 6 month old with only 400 miles on the clock for £11,500.... list price £17k with the extras on board!

    Now that was a deal and I love it, best car ever had!!!

    Good luck, don't give up there are some cracking deals (Toyota were not interested at all in playing the game by the way)

    try here ]http//ht…htm

    i recently got my car here and they are very busy which is a good sign of recommendation, we paid cash and there was no problems, they also cut me a reasonable deal.

    Original Poster

    Thanks, all good ideas! i will try the not telling them how i am going to pay trick!!:thumbsup:
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