Good, cheap, all-round dvd player

    I'm after a dvd player - must be reliable and have an SD slot, as well as a decent laser.

    Other than that, it will only be connected to a bog standard SD TV so no fancy HDMI connections etc required. But, would prefer as slimline and lightweight as possible.

    Not after a 2nd hand one, I want a new one, and need to buy it ASAP.


    hey, there was a thread for dvd player for 9.99 from superdrug, in silver and pink, great value. Also in Tesco for 14.99.

    I have a Sumvision DVD player that plays Xvid, DivX etc and has a SD card reader & USB reader which you can play films from. It also has the HDMI you dont want, but nice extra and digital audio socket.It worls perfectly never had any problems with it, but I have recently upgraded to one with a HD built in. I am after £30 for it posted

    sorry just noted you did not want a 2nd hand one, even if mine does have the cleanfilm all over the player too lol

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    I've tried searching for the Superdrug one, but it seems to have expired - don't think it had an SD slot anyway?

    It's quite important it has an SD slot, a USB may be good enough, probably won't really be used for physical discs just SD/USB drive.

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    Sorry, forgot to mention, it needs to be lightweight and also slimline. Needed urgently.

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    This is all I've been able to find so far:


    But not currently in stock and no SD. Doesn't have to do both USB and SD though, just 1 would be fine.

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    Found this one:…007

    But I'm not sure it plays video by SD/USB or pictures only?

    I have recently bought an ONN player from Asda. Not all Asda`s round my way seemed to stock them though, only the bigger stores i guess.

    I got it for £16.50 when they had they`re VAT free weekend. The price before discount was £20 but for some reason they are now selling them at £24 as i went and bought a second one the other day as a gift for someone.

    The unit is black, has upscaling, HDMI and front USB port. I`ve been impressed so far and is ideal for plugging memory sticks into or even portable hard drives for viewing pics, movies and MP3`s.

    Hope this helps.




    Found this … Found this one: I'm not sure it plays video by SD/USB or pictures only?

    I use this great tool called "Google"(!) which threw this up:…STA

    As far as I can see, according to the blurb on that page, it DOES play SD cards. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

    Still got stock of DVD players in my local Lidl for approx £35. If you have one local you might want to have a look. Probably the linked one below but can't be certain.…bl/
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