Good, cheap B&W film (35mm)?

    I'm looking for cheap B&W film (not CN!) but all the good prices I find are coupled with high shipping costs, which aren't worth it unless I buy in bulk.
    There must be people out there who have searched for this before and have a supplier they rely on or something, or if you just know where to look, any suggestions?

    I'm preferably looking for 400 ASA or similar.

    (the best i found was…tml with £4.38 shipping, which is pretty good but I don't have enough cash to bulk buy at the moment)


    You'll be asking for slide film next...;)

    How many rolls are you looking for? And where do you live?

    Original Poster

    Haha, you're probably right actually....:oops:

    Just 3 or so for now, until I get some more money together. I live in Southampton and all the photography shops seem to be really expensive.

    I just figured there are people buying it, someone must be in the know (or at least, more than me) about good film prices!

    Will try and find someone local to you otherwise there are still a few online resellers that don't charge too much!

    Original Poster

    Thanks, it's much appreciated!
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