Good Cheap, quality E-Commerce Package

    I am looking for a good service that will provide me with an E-Commerce package and domain.

    The cheapest I have been able to find is 1&1 and thats at just under £6 p/m.

    Does anyone know a cheaper supplier of domain names and E-Commerce packages?

    Please note: I do want a cheap service however want the service to be of a high standard too!



    ]Moonfruit offer a good ecommerce package (standard package) for £5.39 a month.


    liquidsix offer good ecommerce packages.

    Its a bit vague what you will need. ie will you be processing bank payments yourself? If you are (but not wirth it if its only small amounts and orders) then you will need SSL. This is where liquidsix becomes a very good deal.

    If you are going to just take via paypal, then pretty much anyone will do. and are my usual favorites.

    Setting up an ecommerce package is easy - but maintaining it and loading stock etc is very time consuming. Zencart and ecommerce are both free packages with lots of support.

    When I was looking, many moons ago, there was a very good package (and the name escapes me!!!) that was done by a Russian company and cost $200. But it exceeded what the others could do and was really nice to use. Edit - just did a search. Its called CS-Cart and now costs $265! (Maybe abit steep?) - but it is very good.
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