Good clothing (Superdry/Diesel-esque) available for a decent price online?

Found 17th Feb 2009
Thinking of blowing loads of money on some new clothes, can't be bothered going shopping, so I was just wondering if there was anywhere that sold good brands for slightly more reasonable prices (don't fancy taking a pop at a £120 pair of diesel jeans on the off chance they look good) or maybe something that's similarly well designed, but a different/cheaper brand?

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Great links, many thanks! Can see me ordering a lot now Cheers
glad too help
I can never find anything I like out of sites like that. Now I dont mean that as an attack on people that post them, but from what i see the likes of those sites only sell stock that they have bought on the cheap, like stuff that didnt sell elsewhere.

For example, you see a pair of diesel jeans you like the look off and go right they are nice so what is wrong? look further at the pics then you will notice either the average sizes are all gone (Or never existed) or there is something oddball looking about them.

So what I am saying is if there is clothing you really like, then give that little bit more and be happy with them rather than wasting time with returns etc.

It is only my opinion, of course fair play to anyone that finds a bargain in clothes that they are really happy with.

so although not very cheap I would say check out Asos.com, they have new stock of Diesel stuff including other brands, and diesel's own website sometimes throws up some bargains
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