Good Customer Service for a change! Thank you HMV Online!

I pre-ordered Fast & Furious "pimp my box set" version on blu ray.

They've emailed me this morning to say i won't be receiving the stickers inside the box on day of release and in light of this there sending me Hellboy 2 on blu ray FREE!

i will be getting the stickers later on in the week!

Missing stickers and i get a free bluray out of it!


so thats the pleasure where's the pain i hear you cry?

the fact i already own Hellboy 2! haha

But the fact they admitted the mistake, fixing the mistake and compensating for the mistake all in one email without me having to even send an email gets a big HURRAH! from me!


i ordered the xbox play and charge kit official one at £4.99 was emailed it was a misprice and still they sent me one out and yes it was the official kit that i received

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ye there was another thread like … ye there was another thread like this

oh my bad i thought i was a special one i guess not:w00t:
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