Good Data Encryption Program

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a good data encryption program, the best one by far that I've used is called Puffer 4.03, this encrypts data files and folders and is exactly what I'm looking for to encrypt some of my data that I wish to either email or keep held on online storage.

    The bad thing is that puffer is $34.95 (£18 ish) but requires me to buy with credit card (which I dont really want to do etc)

    But does anyone know any other good freeware encryption programs that do the same job?



    i prefer trucrypt........ as mentioned by ipunk...... very good at what its meant to do.....

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    cheers for reply guys, but looks a bit complicated.

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    how secure is the new version of winrar? would this be good for encrypting mp3s for example and sending them over the net
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