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Found 18th Jul 2008
Is this one of the betterdeals for the 4gb iPod?


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Its grade A, which means its probably been returned for a new screen or something else to be fitted.
i had grade a mp3 players from bigpockets grade a and they were just like new-screen protector-all accessories and instructions. I had two missing from the boxes and customer services were excellent and replaced right away!
Oh I'm not saying there i anything wrong with grade A, I bought a grade A kodak digital camera...I'm just pointing out the obvious. To cover themselves bigpockets will slap grade A all over it, so you know, so if its a gift for someone and you dont want them to know, then they will.

But if you want to save some cash, and dont mind, then go for it.
But it will be in decent working order?
It's more my (blonde) girlfriend anyway, so I'll just tell her Grade A is the best!
lol, yeah it will come with a full guarentee, you tend to only get defective goods on grade B's or C's

But you pay a premium for grade A so it will be working fine.
Get a refurb from apple.com
I got mine there for the same price and its 3g not the old model.
When I got it looked absoulutely spanking!
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