Good deal on Halogen bulbs please!

Found 4th Feb 2009
Practically all the light fittings in our house are those stupid expensive little unreliable halogen bulbs. This would never have been my choice as they blow every other week but we're living in a rented property so don't really have a choice.

I'm looking for EITHER a shop which sells some very reliable bulbs (proven reliable through user experience) which won't blow quite as much as the typical ones, OR some bulbs which are cheap enough to not care about them blowing so often (someone once told me they were selling 4 for £1 at their local pound shop, for example).

I'm looking for the 240volt ones, preferably 50w, like the link below. I live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but don't mind ordering from the internet if it's worth doing so. Cheers!

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GU10 (240V) ones can be found in Poundland or Poundworld (can't remember which ) packs of 3 for £1 i use them all the time and they last ages and at this price if you have to replace one every year or so it still works out cheaper than paying £2-£3 each :thumbsup:
Ikea - about 59p or somnething for 2. Ive never had to replace any yet though and had some for ages.
they had three containers full of them reduced to £0.49 when i was in Tesco yesterday (Doncaster) so you could try your local store.
If you have a dimmer fitted - just turn it down a little to take them off full power and they last. I have load of these fittings at work and was running round swapping them till i fit dimmers.
They only blown at night and take the breaker/fuse out and put you in darkness lol.
we saw 2 for a pound in poundland http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/images/unbranded/5/unbranded-50w-gu10-mains-halogen-bulbs.jpg
Cheers guys, I looked around for something like the 3 for a pound deal but could only find 2 for a pound in poundland as mark said, but they were only the 35 watt ones. Bought a few but will keep my eye out for 3x 50w for £1.
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