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My Contract ris up for renewal with O2, and seem some good ones about. Has any one got any tips in order for me to get a decent deal off them. Ive rung up once and wouldnt budge on anything, but has any one else tried anything?

Looking at a iPhone 3gs (which i doubt i could afford), or Blackberry Bold 9700 on £30 a month.


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Edit, sorry, posted in wrong thread.

o2 have stopped giving loyalty discount from what i've read on the o2 forum do don't expect any amazing deals.

i'm currently paying £27/m for 2000 minutes and unlimited txts, this will go up to £75/m when my contract is renewed next month, obviously i wont be paying that so i'm going with a smartphone plan as i'm getting the desire. £30/m with 600 minutes, unlimited txts and internet

as for tips, i usually mention vodafone, tmobile etc even if you have no plans to change provider, just make up some plans and hopefully o2 will match them

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I tried mentioning other plans and wouldnt have any of it. Orange are offering a better contract for £30 a month with 600 mins, unlimited texts and i think internet as its on there panther 35 plan (i assume you get unlimited email and internet) can any one confirm this.

They've stopped their loyalty discount. ]Here's an example.

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Link doesnt seem to work. Guess it means ive got no leg to stand on then do you think??? They did say i can go on a simplicity contract till a good deal comes out, or a new iPhone but then still going to be expensive

o2 is the only place where unlimited means unlimited as far as i know, the other places cap you at 500mb or something around there. o2 goes by the fair usage policy and will tell you if you keep going over it, i read somewhere that orange charge you the second you go over.
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