Good deals on ladies plus size lingerie

    My partner is a big lady and I relunctantly pay 5.00 plus for hold ups for her, can i get them any cheaper?


    ooh lucky you! lol

    have you looked in bon marche? they often have nice things reduced-got some brilliant stuff for my friend size 22

    Figleaves are great for underwear and nightwear Im pretty sure they do plus sizes. Always vouchers on here such as 20% off and free delivery last time I used them.

    Evans have some crazy reduced stuff sometimes,I picked up a denim dress in there for £1 when I was about 7 mths pregnant,yeh it didn't really look that great but only for a short time and for £1.... They really reduce some stuff so I would check in there.

    pabo are good. google as i dont think i should link it as it is adult content

    do u need her to wear them at night ?

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    Shes a nurse and they are comfy, so she says lol, thanks for all your replies.

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