Good Deals On Laptops - Budget - £500 or Under

    Im looking for a cheapish laptop, need a bit of help.

    Laptop must have atleast an intel i3 processor, and ideally have a hdmi output. Aslong as RAM can be upgraded when needed, i don't mind about the rest (HDD, bluetooth etc). Budget is £500, but the cheaper the better.

    I'm looking between Sony, Toshiba and Samsung as i haven't heard great things about the rest tbh..

    I've seen the following so far, could I please have some feedback on them, or find alternatives please, thanks x…spx…-21…tml…-21

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    this is the one i recently bought really pleased with it

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    thanks, that is a good laptop, but its a bit too much for what i need tbh..

    Can't really suggest any good deals I'm afraid, but would certainly consider adding Asus to your list of manufacturers. They regularly come in at or near the top of reliability table and don't tend to carry the same premium that the likes of Sony do.

    Shame you need the i3 CPU otherwise I would suggest this Lenovo.

    Hi Mate,

    My Toshiba is gone so i bought this to the wife and me.…mtd

    What u think?
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