Good Dentist in London - Reasonable prices

    Im in North London. I chipped my tooth and also slightly another and want to get it sorted. I was just hoping somebody might be able to recommend a reasonably priced dentists around london that do good work.

    I work so assume I wouldnt be entitled to any NHS treatment. I know its a bit of a wildshot asking on here but you never know. I mean if anybody knows any websites I can look at where maybe dentists are rated or some sort of forum I would appreciate that also.


    I was looking around online last night to see if I could find NHS dentist prices for a friend, and came across this dentist, based in Fulham:


    From reading the website, they only accept NHS patients and refuse to take on private patients, so hopefully they'd be able to treat you. They also give a lot of information on their website and even a price guide, so you know roughly what you will be looking at cost wise.

    Don't know if Fulham is easy to get to for you or not, but hope it helps if you are…spx

    here you can search within your area then its the case of calling about,a lot of places don't take on NHS patients,I for one have to go out of town cos in my town there are no places for my children to have their free treatment they entitled to.

    Govt has plans to shun dentists who don't want NHS work. i.e. they will literally import new ones for the job...

    Finchley Dental Practice in Ballards Lane; Dentist there called Rebecca. Been with her for about 10 years despite moving from the area.

    (020) 8349 9578

    I'm sure they do NHS work and will take on NHS patients.
    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    is there a site to find out what dentists are recommened ? or a forum with peoples opinions on dental work that they got at different dentists ?

    oh yeah, thanks for the info posted aalready
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