Good Digital camera (compact) for around £60 suggestoins?

My ladyfriend is looking for a digital camera, her old one is a 3mp old school brick thing!
But whats the best deals out there? I've been looking at a refurbished grade B Kodak c913 for £45 but don't know if its any good, also seen a kodak M1033 for £70. Thought I've also been told to keep clear of kodak cameras!

also seen the z20fd for £69 new think this might be the one to go for.
Any suggestions?
mainly would like one that plugs into the wall to recharge
one with a good flash
and of course one that takes a good picture when out and about.

any and all suggestions welcome!
Thanks for reading!


Agros have the Canon A470 in various colours going for 50 quid and that had some good reviews:

Takes AA batteries but there's no reason why you can't use rechargeable ones.

Original Poster

The pictures taken by that camera look very poor to be honest. thanks for the suggestion though, will check out that site.

This group test from last year might help:

Chances are if it was popular last year the prices might be more reasonable this year!

The dpreview.com/ site is another good one for reviews.

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excellent thanks, I've been trying to find more reviews. found that first review spod posted very helpful.
Its still looking like the z20fd at the moment.

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Thanks so much for finding that, good reviews shame the conclusion cameras are just out of price range... I'll tell her about them though.
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