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    After going through my 5th pair in about 7 months, it looks like I need some new earphones.

    I'm looking for good quality, but not with a crazy price. The absolute max I'll go to is £30, but that's only if they're really worth it.

    This doesn't have to be a deal, just solid earphones that will ensure a good listening experience with my ipod. Cheers in advance.


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    some info here: … some info here:

    Cheers fella.

    Had a look at them, wasn't too convinced though. The CX 300 caught my eye, as did the Soundwise G3. Still want a second opinion though.

    My current headphones (That I broke) were great. I got them for under a tenner and the quality was brilliant. Can't remember where I got them from though...:p

    Bose In-Ear from Amazon £20!!!!! amazing headphones! worth £80 odd

    Be careful buying from ebay and Amazon market place sellers, there's lots of fakes about esp. Sennheiser CX300

    Totally recommend the CX300 (have the CX500 currently which don't sound much different) less than £30 from

    I got mine from a trusted seller i bought 3 for me my sister and dad¬


    I got mine from a trusted seller i bought 3 for me my sister and dad¬

    Wasn't suggesting otherwise, made the mistake of buying some from ebay and they were total **** just need to be careful there's lots of fakes about

    Oh rite yeah Ebay is a bit expensive for things though!

    these are perfect for the gym...…tml
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