Good External Bluray Reader?

Looking to rip a few of my blurays to my hard drive?

Whats the best value bluray reader to get?

As once I have a external bluray reader connected to my laptop how hard is it then to rip the bluray to my hard drive and put onto my external hard drive?

I assume I can then put this into my lg bluray player which has a usb port and play them like that?

Thanks guys ill be looking to buy one asap so any good deals out there?


Sounds like more trouble than its worth, even it were possible - each movie would need 25GB-50GB of temporary storage, and the computer would need to process these files into different formats, compatible with your player - would take ages to convert, file sizes would be massive, usb transfers take forever, on a even a pretty much top of the range quad core workstation, encryption in the blu-ray players is software based, so their a regular updates to prevent piracy.

** Basically your far better buying the blu-ray discs legitimately, watching the movies and then reselling on ebay once you have watched it - if your looking for cheap way to watch blu-rays. **

It would be nice to thnk you could have a HD Movie collection of your bought blu-rays, but while there is DRM (Digital Rigts Management) it is just seems a whole lot of hassle and lots of time and effort, expense for very little in terms of results, put the money buying the drive into buying more blu-rays, and sit back and enjoy!

Regarding the portable blu-ray player - if you use a Portable player without a chipset which supports blu-ray DRM encyption to the screen, you wouldn't be able to watch it/convert it (DRM would stop you) - ie. the graphics needs to support blu-ray too, and you would need a blu-ray player software such as WinDVD/PowerDVD - maybe wrong - as I said it all seems like too much hassle. Basically Digital Rights Management is a show-stopper, to your goal of having a HD Hard disk based movies collection, one of the reasons blu-ray won the format battle - as the big hollywood studios endorsed its protection mechanisms, as superior to HD DVD format.

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ahh right thought it was easy to do this these days?
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