Good free Photo hosting sites ?

    Hi all,

    Can anyone suggest a good photo hosting site. I know being free it's going to have limits, but what suggestions are there ?

    Was looking a Flickr, but the free account only shows your last 200 photos, not so sure about that.

    Advice welcome......



    Flickr is awesome, well worth the dosh. :thumbsup:

    Picasa which is part of Google works fine for me, I just store the pics I want to share with the family and I have 400+ on there at the moment...

    I use photobucket - not sure if it is any good per se, but seems to do the job for me

    I'd go for Picasa too. It's easy to upload photos, manage and navigate.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the responses. Gone for Picasa in the end.
    Seems very good so far, nice software for uploading, makes it nice and easy to add photos.

    Cheers all :thumbsup:

    Browse to file, enter email, click upload, done.

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    Xiwt;4583960 Browse to file, enter email, click upload, done.

    Cheers for the info, but I don't think browsing for files would be the best way for me. I like the picasa software, which seems very fast and easy to select folders/individual images from the thumbnails (again can be resized to make things easier). Not to mention all the other options which I haven't even tried yet.

    One I do like is the red eye remover, makes it very quick and easy to do before uploading, no using a seperate package anymore!

    Overall very impressed.

    I also like the name tagging, it did a good job of detecting identical faces from the first set of pictures I uploaded. Although I do have a lot of our twin girls, will be interesting to see how it copes!!
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