Good GFx card deal for £65 including shipping

    Hi all, So I've decided my old ATI1900XT or whatever is due for an upgrade! I have a budget of £55 stretching upto £65 tops!
    I need to buy a card which would be the best value for this price. I want to be able to play new games but not at 1900x1200!
    It needs to have DVi, HDMi and VGA and DP would be good to have but not essential.

    I cant figure out if any of the ATI4xxx or the 5XXX would be good for the price!!
    Also what is the deal with getting 3D ready? I dont have a 120Hz monitor at the moment but would like to keep GFX card requirements in mind to enable me to do this in the future!!

    HELP.. F1!
    Rep will be generously given for helpful responses as usual!! Many thanks!


    £65 really isn't alot of money when it comes to graphics cards, though, if your on a tight budget, The 4650 (DDR3 VERSION) is one of the best budget cards you can get, if not the best! though remember, the more powerful, the higher requirements it will need on the PSU (power supply) which means, you might need to replace that too, depending on how many amps it has on 12v rail!

    I wouldn't worry about 3D ready stuff yet, still few years off, plus if your monitor doesn't support it & only the lastest cards would, you'd be looking at excess of £200 for a newer card with all bells & whistles!

    The other option would be to get a 2nd hand card off ebay, something like a 8800/9800GT, which will still play most of latest games, though not as hi res, but you'd be lucky to get one, even at your limit.

    Also your choices might be limited, depending on which type of card your motherboard uses, I.E AGP OR PCIE!
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    Hmm the 4670 looks like a good option. My Mobo and processor etc are all capable. I built a nnew Pc about 2 yrs back so have a 780G based mobo with a AMD 5200 X2 running. The PSU is a new one as well rated at 650W with dual 12V rails so plenty of power going about. Git a 6 pin PSU connector as well..

    I really wanted to check out a 47XX but they seem to have disappeared off the planet! And Im not sure if 4670 or a 55XX or 56XX series card would be better. For example how does the 4670 mentioned abive compare with say…648

    Its 1 poound and a few pennies above my budget but still!! DDR5 and DX11 though!

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    Thanks guys, I think the 5670 is my best bet at the moment. Though apparently there are a couple of 4850's floating about on sites as clearance.
    I found a 5670 on scan with 1Gb RAM for £66 so that looks the best so far, though I'm not a fan of paying postage!
    Any chance of telling me how to give rep.. its all changed now!! BTW.. anyone can find cheaper or better cards please let me know. EBAY is empty at the moment as well !

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