Good In Ear Earphones

    After a good 2 years, my Sennheiser CX300-II headphones have finally died (well one ear has stopped working) so I need something new. Personally I found them to be great considering I got them for about £12.

    I would have just picked up a new pair straight away, however, since then the market seems to be flooded with fakes with places like & Amazon only offering them through resellers (Which are apparently almost always fake and crap quality) and any legit ones I can find are going for about £30! Which is a bit too much for the actual quality of them really.

    So I'm seeing what people can recommend. As I said, my only real requirement is that they are in-ear (So block out external noise) and be the best bang-for-buck for about £20.

    I've also just see that MyMemory are selling the CX300II for £20, are they likely to be a legit reseller or another fake?


    open them up and try to repair them, cant be difficult?,
    repair and reuse is better than recycle

    I bought a pair of CX300 from MyMemory recently. They are legit.
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