good ironing board with cover and good iron

Found 10th Sep 2008
i have had two irons and they are crap to be honest a durabrand from asda and a murphy richards from argos.

ironing board got the cheapest one form argos

so looking for a good board baring in mind that i am ironing partners shirts xxl
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Brabantia is a good one very sturdy, philips iron is quite good.
had a similar problem - need 5 shirts a week so I went for a wide board with a plug socket built in like this one (i paid less than £20 though!);


The plug socket is fantastic making the reach of the iron very good on such a bigger board. Without it, I was forever moving the shirt to iron it!!
my sister swears by the big steam generator ones
£79.99 in ]Comet plus you get a free Minky ironing board woth £19.99

[image missing]

or this only £69.99 plus free ironing board

[image missing]

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