Found 19th Apr 2007
ok i'm currently with pipex - who are a very good reliable surfin company usually *few troubles last few months* but i'm wanting to change

i currently pay around 23 a month for a 2mb connection and i would be more than happy to stay but they throttle download speeds

whats good out there for lots of downloading?

i heard sky were good and so are virgin media? btw i'm not in a cable area either

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13 Comments (or any other entanet reseller) is where all the pipex people have been headed, myself included. £19.99 per month for 8mb, no throttling etc, but there is a 330gb per month cap.…php

i would say virgin media and i am with them but they are ony in certain areas with cable

i just did the research, and im going to try

their customer service has been ok so far, but im not connected yet (TAG on the line from the previous occupants of the house). previously ive used demon who are reliable but expensive

I use several bband providers and can say that Virgin (both cable and adsl) offer good is pricey but high users i know have no problems whatsoever...and BE is also offering excellent service

Cable is absolutely awesome, hopefully I'll never have to use anything else.

The best ISP in the country is

1 month contract
no hidden stuff in the contract
complete transparency on what your allowances are
great customer support with cheap 0845 numbers

I would say they come second only to Virgin Media, but officially it's a different product anyway.

My father is with Zen and I am with Demon...

Both great choices I would recommend!

Zen is by far the best. Second I'd rate Nameso. They two are truly outstanding. They don't mind you calling at 2am asking stupid technical questions.

Zen's fantastic adsl but it's pricey, you really need to be someone who takes the internet seriously to make it worth it.

Zen is getting my recommendation too. Their support is second to none.

Are these recommendations coming from heavy bittorrent downloaders though?

Original Poster

i'm thinking of the virgin media package but via the broadband fone line rather than cable

i'll give zen a whip see what they're like
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