Good laptop at Curry’s?

Posted 25th Dec 2019
I have an £100 gift voucher at curry’s.. looking for a ‘good’ laptop that I can edit photos on, maybe some video editing at some point for around £500...
saw this..…tml

what are people’s views...?
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Does it have to be Windows?
How about a Chromebook?
SSD is of course paramount, processor is good, so too is the RAM. Decent laptop above but let’s look around a little
I'm not an expert but it usually google the cpu and find the passmark. Higher the score faster the cpu. The one you listed is very good but see if you can find a better or cheaper alternative.
this would be a decent buy for your needs…138

the lenovo one in your post has i7 but you don't need i7, i5 will do. the lenovo one has TN screen, which is not as good as the HP one, which has IPS screen. the lenovo one also has windows 10S rather than windows.
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