Good laptop that runs Photoshop and Illustrator?

Found 21st Feb 2018
I'm looking for a laptop that can run intensive programs well, specifically Adobe Creative applications.

Budget is £500.

My old laptop is a Samsung NP350E7C - i7 processor, 1TB storage and 8GB RAM.

I only know basic technical info about computers so I don't know what specs are best, build quality, what SSD is etc.

Any trade-in deals would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance
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and good quad core with 4gb ram or more at lease i would say a good card as well min 2gb
My old laptop is about 15 years old now some Dell thing and has 512mb of ram lol
And it runs Photoshop and Lightroom fine and quite quick.
Not recommending my laptop but if mine can run it in sure most will.
The more RAM the better.
It also depends on the file sizes of your photos. If you're opening up multiple photos and creating panoramas etc.
I'd put a minimum of 16GB in it.

If you don't put a lot of memory in it. I'd recommend a second HDD/SSD to use a Scratch Disk.

Don't forget to colour calibrate the screen.
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