Found 27th Aug 2010
Might not be big for some of you but in Dumfries there's only a handful of Porsche Boxsters drive around but today I seen a Porsche Panamera.

It stopped at the red light and then floored it on the green - WOW.

Now on Top Gear they said it was an ugly car but it's really not - it's actually quite a good looking car imo.

Discussing cars now - got plently threads on the go today :P

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its not a bad looking car to be honest..

I saw a few of them last week out in the Germany & theres a few around in the UK now.

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Its ok in my opinion

i wana q7.


i wana q7.

sorry, we talking supercars? typical female!

To me the Panemera and the Cayenne devalue what Porsche is best known for and thats 2 seater sports cars. They look alright but I cant help but wonder how much that Porsche badge adds to the price of the true car? Say it had the VW badge it would be the same car but much cheaper.

Loads of twa.... people with these in and around Manchester, newer ones are softer and nicer looking... still not a massive fan.

Panamera = ugly
Citroen DS = b-e-a-utiful

Nissan Skyline GT-R


The Panamera?? Good God it's horrific! One of the bosses at work has one and it makes my eyes bleed every time I see it!

I think the 4 door coupe is the way forward - I'm currently driving a 3 series coupe, and only having 2 doors is difficult sometimes.

Porsche were the first with the Panamera, Audi have the S5 Sportback now, and BMW are apparently going to be releasing their version of the 4 door coupe sometime next year.


To be honest, if I can fit a victim in the boot, I don't care what it looks like

My comments been deleted? Yet kidnapping is ok.

Who cares what it looks like when your thrusting your **** down the exhaust pipe.

FYI: [ ]

The Panamera isn't listed, but the Cayenne is.



Ferrari b4 stories of it sets on fire etc its one good looking car


I thought Top Gear were being a bit over the top with the Panamera but after seeing one in the flesh I think they look far worse, utterly horrible looking car particularly amongst the 911's.



To be honest, if I can fit a victim in the boot, I don't care what it … To be honest, if I can fit a victim in the boot, I don't care what it looks like

And one in the drivers seat when you want to drive it...
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