Good microfibre cloth ?

Posted 23rd Oct
Can anyone recommend me a good microfibre cloth.
Mainly for cleaning the cars down after being washed
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used by bodyshops
I can recommend GTECHNIQ
I’d agree with Kirkland, they are cheapest from Costco in-store and not online.
The Costco ones are good but you can get some from Home Bargains which are just as good in my opinion
Depends how serious you are about detailing. If it’s for drying the car you are better off with dedicated drying towel. I use the Kirkland ones for polishing, but there are much better ones as well. The Costco ones are great value though
To keep your microfiber cleaning clothes working efficiently, when you wash them don't use a fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner contains oils which block the pores and prevent the cloth from working properly.
Buy plenty cheap, pull the tags off. Use a fresh cloth for each main panel and rinse out frequently changing the bucket water (2 bucket method). Dump them when they look worn out.
Don't see the point of paying big money for a cloth, if they pick up a bit of grit they all scratch. Better to have plenty of cloths and a decent car shampoo imo.
Ive got a large quick drying micro fibre towel from the camping shop, i might give that a go ?.
I have a huge bag of AmazonBasics microfibre cloths and I'm working my way through them.

I use them for all sorts of things, but especially love them for washing my face (gives your face a good scrub and gets makeup off easily - I cut face cloths up, though, as they're usually too big). I used to buy "skincare" microfibre cloths, pretty expensive ones from a US skincare seller once upon a time, and I find they're all much of a muchness.

Edit: From looking at the Amazon listings, you can now buy AmazonBasics Ultra-Thick cloths.
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