good mobile deal pay monthly contract.

    looking for a good deal with a good phone. roughly £15 quid a month with 300/300 mins and texts. preferably on the orange network. help would be much much appreciated. thanks hotukdealers roooooffffllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


    i think you would have to go a bit higher than that with orange, but dont forget you get free broadband. check out there website [url][/url] for offers.

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    right right ok cheers, who would u suggest for mobiles then and their minutes?

    as a rule the more you pay the better the phone they give you, or with orange you can sometimes pay £50 and get a better phone now, its just a case of searching the site really. im not to good with how good phone are. i just use mine for phoning and sending messages. ive have the same one for 4 years now. when i upgrade i give it to my girlfriend.

    Try Virgin have a great offer on at present 100/100 £8.50
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