Good mobile phones with mp3 player

OK, am looking for a new phone and the best deal i can find is a sony erricsson W810i for £129.99, it seems a very good phone. Any even better phones for the same price or less?


Theres the nokia 6233 out on the market and its a very nice phone. The mp3 player is great and it has stereo speakers. My mate has one i can tell you that its very loud and clear and the camera is also quite nice. It depends on your prefrence of mobile maker as they both offer similar specs and at similar prices.

its your choice sony or nokia!

My best friend has the SE W810i and loves it.

Someone in work has the SE K750i and often uses it as an MP3 player at work and at the gym. They both rave about them and the SE K750i is over a year old now and is still fine.

Depends what you are looking for though really. And if you already have a "favourite" make of phone!

did you find the w810i instore or online?

I am looking for a new handset (to buy in shop, as i do not have one) - but it has to be under £150, not a contract, and do email

i used to chop and change my phone veeery often. until i got my W810i, i unlocked and debranded it, and i love it! best phone, best mp3 player, i personally have ever owned.
keep yer ipods, keep yer nokias, this phone is amazing.
no stupid SE joystick, solid build (you could never tell i dropped mine 3 times!) great sound, great camera considering its only 2mp and a phone !
i paid £200, and the fact you can buy em for £129 now confuses me. Buy it, you wont regret it! That price is a bargain!

I have just picked up the sony ericcson k750 from tesco for £79.99 with £40+ shopping, and the mp3 player sounds great :thumbsup:

It comes with 64mb extra pro duo card.

I bought extra 2gb memory for it and am waiting for that to arrive.

W810 is quality! audio sounds great through the loudspeaker and it even comes with decent earphones.


And £129 is a pretty good price. you wont regret buying it.
For that price its the best walkman mobile out there!! :thumbsup:
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