Good mornin' all.

    Good mornin', what's everyone's plans for today's rubbish weather?



    spam this thread?

    Should be OK in the South

    Waiting for something to arrive!

    At Manchester airport waiting to go to Florida :-)

    mark halsall;5415402

    At Manchester airport waiting to go to Florida :-)

    not jealous...................much :thumbsup: have a great time x

    supposed to be going to Town shopping, but might go to Meadowhall instead, how exciting :roll:

    just checking for cheapest airport parking. any ideas. :whistling:


    My man's on a stag do & I need to find a life! :-(

    Crap Weather so it's the sofa and the box set of only fools and horses for me:)

    Got a big family party here today as it's both of my kids birthdays (this weekend and next). Bit miffed about the weather though as i'll have a house full!

    Need to get my skates on soon and start doing stuff! Only potato salad made so far!

    Writing a letter

    Yes. writing it
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