Good Morning

    Just thought i would say good morning to all!

    And what a lovely morning it is:

    I got the keys to my house yesterday
    All my uni exams are over (hopefully forever if i pass these 3)
    I've just been for a 4 mile cycle as the weather is so nice
    And best of all its only 5 days to i head to FLORIDA for almost 3 weeks


    Glad to hear everything's going well for you ...... have a great time in Florida (alright for some ! )

    Original Poster

    and snowtiger how is your morning/week

    I've had a really good week too thanks, had the whole family over yesterday for a BBQ, like most families it's not that often we can all get together so it was a really special day (sun stayed out too for a change!) . next week I'm having my bathroom completely redone ..can't wait


    You have a fantastic time in Florida allstar and all the best in your new home :thumbsup:

    Its raining here and cold.......:x

    But you have a good time!!! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    all naeem its roasting here. My mum got sun burnt yesterday when she went on a walk lol.

    My trip to florida and moving out means i wont be on here until the end of aug again prob cos i wont have a comp in my new house until i get my laptop from my new job

    good morning!!! im off to the rugby
    england vs barbarians - know nothing about rugby but been invited from the company, so free food and drink all afternoon


    The world is great with you.

    Nice to hear someone happy on here for a change, long may it continue for you.:thumbsup:

    Good evening

    Original Poster

    good evening julie how was your day?
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