Good Morning - I've been up working since 2 am.

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Found 19th May 2008
Good Morning folks.
I could not sleep so got up early to get my computer tasks sorted. Got the rest of the day free, so will probably go to Argos to buy the much needed DVD recorder.

Liddle ol' me wrote yesterday (in response to my Sunday Good Morning greeting) "Hey OP, could we maybe have some structure to your threads, please? Even a GOOD MORNING + [SOMETHING INTERESTING HERE] would be a start ." So the next item might be of interest to him. If not, hard luck, but good morning anyway!


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Today in 1536: Anne Boleyn was beheaded

Four days after being condemned of high treason, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I, was beheaded. She was found guilty of incest with her brother and conspiracy against the King. The couple had married in secret in January 1533 before the existing marriage between the King and Katharine of Aragon was annulled by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Prior to her execution, Anne was forced to acknowledge the invalidity of her marriage. Two weeks later, Henry VIII married Anne’s lady-in-waiting Jane Seymour, who gave birth to his only male heir, the later King Edward VI.

since 2am you light weight...ive been up working since 2300hrs yesterday.....and i feel just as good as when i started...NOT....only 2 hrs to go...............LOL

good morning pred! another happy monday morning greeting --- altho it probably spiral into loong week of hectic work for me ... bleah.

Good morning to all :-D

The sun is shinning here and I feel all spring like! :thumbsup:


Good morning to all :-DThe sun is shinning here and I feel all spring … Good morning to all :-DThe sun is shinning here and I feel all spring like! :thumbsup:


isnt it summer?:|


morning :)isnt it summer?:|

Yes, I suppose it is!!! :-D
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