Good News

    A few of you here are aware I'm now 20 weeks pregnant (those who don't - well ya do now!!)

    I had my 20 weeks scan just yesterday and all seems fine.

    AND - the news we were waiting for - and hoping for...

    Come September we will be welcoming Lauren Mckenzie into the world :

    That's right - we got our wish - it's a girl


    AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!! Congrats!!! :thumbsup:

    well done. wow u already chose name??


    Congrats, Lauren is a lovely name!1

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    well done. wow u already chose name??

    We had the name chosen for a girl a couple of months ago :giggle:

    My friends sister had hers today - in her Dad's car LOL!!!

    Congrats hun, always nice to hear.


    That's great news. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


    congrats! my sister is expecting around that time too!!!

    that's fantastic ! congratulations.

    Lovely news Becks....and a lovely name....I am so pleased for you:)

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    Thanks all :friends: We just can't wait now!

    Yeah, agree with Mucky, a lovely name. Wish you all the best for the rest of the pregnancy and subsequent birth day.

    Take care Becks

    Congrats Becks

    congrats - beautiful name

    Description: Feminine form of Lorin, which means 'from the place of laurel trees.'

    Meaning: Honor, Victory

    Origin: English, English

    Congratulations, a little princess to love and treasure xx


    Awww.......many, many congratulations, really pleased for you :-D

    Brilliant news congratulations to you both

    I think I missed you saying 1st time round..whoops

    Congratulations on the news of a baby girl,hope all goes smoothly for Sept,it be a hot Summer for you so keep yourself cool and shaded when you can.

    Congrats!!! :w00t:

    Congratulations - that's lovely news.

    Awww, congrates, Im happy for you and your partner.

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    Thanks everyone

    Congratulations :thumbsup:

    [CENTER][FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Pink"]Congrats xx[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

    congrats hun

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    Thanks everyone :friends: I'm off shopping later today

    Have a lovely day hitting the shops :-D

    fab!!! congrats


    Congratulations! Great news Becksdawe!! Lauren is a beautiful name :thumbsup::-D

    Where can I buy one of those????

    One of what?

    A bambino!!!!

    Is your helicopter meant to move?

    My helicopter is stationary

    many congraulations !!


    One of what?


    Damn, I thought the joke was obvious cos we're in a shopping forum...nevermind...:thinking:


    Where can I buy one of those????

    From someone who doesn't want the child or who are very desperate for money and think more of cash than a child.

    Original Poster

    Aww didn't expect this to get bumped again.

    Thanks for the congrats - lil one's currently deciding to try out for the kickboxing championships....
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