Good news for once! Loan sorted for uni

Had a complete kerbuffle, grant was paid but loan wasnt SLC said there was no record of me applying for loan, this was 2 weeks ago contacted LEA who said no problems its the SLC's problem, SLC said oh we are sorry you are right and gave me a payment date for grant(but not loan but assumed it was just sent at same time)

Grant/Loan was due last Monday, never came and turns out there was an "admin" error where the payment wasnt sent due to their payment system being "down" and resent it Wednesday and it arrived Saturday.

Wondered why it was smaller than I thought, phoned SLC and was on for an hour as was on hold as they were confused since they said there was no record of a loan award OR a tuition fee grant and I had to contact LEA

Contacted LEA who said yes im getting a loan and they have already told SLC.

Phoned SLC again who said the problem is I havent filled in the loan request form(though it was an online application!)

Phoned LEA one last time who phoned SLC and said for some reason the SLC cant see the same info as the LEA but its sorted now and payment will be sent tommorow(as in today) checked my SLC account online and its been sent!

So im cheery!

Drinks are on me!

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How much u get? :?
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