Good online radio

    Does anybody else listen to the online radio station ?
    My cousin was a guest in the studio on Tommy Boyd's talk show last night. (A new wrestling show every Thursday)
    So I browsed around the site, listening to the various channel genres. Its pretty damn good. I especially like the reggae channel which plays a bit of dancehall now and again as well.
    I definitely recommend Tommy Boyd's talk show. Used to listen to him on Talksport and watch him on the wide a wake club on kids TV in the 80's. The fellas a leg end.
    Check out the site and listen to the various channels.
    A few podcasts to check out as well.


    cheers donny , rep for you bud :thumbsup: ....... love tommy :-D

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    cheers donny , rep for you bud :thumbsup: ....... love tommy :-D

    nice one fella. check out the podcasts. my cousin is the wrestling referee from last nights pod casts. there is a schedule of shows as well

    bump for tommy boyd fans who might not know about it ,

    cheers again donny
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