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Posted 28th Mar
ive decided its time to remove all my old fencing, turf and rubble etc.. i have a large garden 200 square metres and was quoted around £5000 to sort it out years ago as its got huge 2 foot boulders underground everywhere and multiple levels it all needs leveling, i didnt want to spend that much and decided id do it myself, been putting it off for years but with the virus and so much time stuck at home ive decided to do it.
ive spent the last week digging about 3 tonne of rubble up and the old fence posts all 32 of them 🤕 my back is broke lol.
so i had booked a turf cutter and large skips for monday but today the hire company cancelled on me.
ive tried to find others today with no luck, i was going to try again monday but then i realised with so many self employed workers now with no income do you think most landscape gardeners would have their own turf cutter? and maybe rent it me for a few hours for the same price as the hire shop if i give them a deposit its £100 in their pocket.
im just not sure if its a good idea, im thinking they would just say no but id rather help them out when they need cash more than big companies.
anyone think this could be a bad idea for any reason or think they will just say no and im wasting my time, how would you feel about lending out tools with a deposit ?
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Put a request out on Facebook local selling group. Bound to be someone willing to help for some cash.
Might be worth trying through a friend or family who knows a landscaper. I say this as maybe some of their equipment might be insured under a business and only for use by certain people. A friend of a friend might be more likely to help if that’s the case.
Good luck with the garden, it’s a big task but I’m sure you’ll get it done!
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