Good Pay Monthly Contract + Free Gifts (PS3) - Suggestion Please?


    I am looking out for a good pay monthly contract, possibly with Free Gift (PS 3). Looking to spend £25 - £35 a month for the contract, would be good if I can get some good minutes (use a lot!).

    I am currently with 3 on Mix & Match 1100 which I took 4 months back for £19.50 with Nokia N73. This is one of the best deals 3 have done, when I tried getting the same deal, which is now £20 but the handsets provided along with it aren't any good. If looking for better handsets, I have to pay £27!!

    I thought, it would be better to pay a bit more and get some Free Gifts, preferably Sony Play Station 3 from Phones4U, CarPhoneWareHouse and many others. Could someone suggest me a reliable online shop which will get me a best Pay Monthly Contract with a mid - high end mobile with free gift and possible quidco?

    If anyone have good experience before with any providers, please do suggest me! I am looking to take one sooner!

    Cheers & Thanks in Advance!


    onestopphoneshop are good, they pay quidco swiftly and the cashback cheques were all
    received in good time without problems. I am considering taking out a free ps3 deal with them
    when my current cashback deal ends in September...…203

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    Thanks a lot Simon..! Just went through their 9 pages, the cheapest I could find out from their listing is "Nokia 6288 Black Clearance" which comes with Mix and Match 1100 plan from 3 and I have to pay additional £84.99 for the mobile. Couldn't find a better deal though!


    Best deals are £30-35 per month or above unsurprisingly

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    Went with One Stop Phone .. for Orange £45 (1200 Minutes + Unlimited Landline + 500 Texts) with £37.50 (already tracked) Cashback from Quidco. I had to pay £24.95 for Nokia N95! But thats ok... Considering I get cashback from Quidco, I am actually not spending anything for Nokia N95... the inclusive minutes is mind blowing... 1200 Minutes (Any Mobile Network) + Unlimited Landline!! I won't use texts much.. but I still get 500/Month!

    Adding to this Sony PlayStation 3 (40 GB)!! I guess this is a good deal who is looking for loads of minutes + a decent mobile + PS3 !!!


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    Update: Just got a phone call from them saying.. I would be charged £5.00 additionally for Administration Charges (WTF?) but being a new customer I would be provided with a Orange Pay As You Go card with £10 Credit in it (LOL!). So finally, buttering me saying I again gain £5 here.. and loose nothing (Good Joke!).

    Delivery on Friday since I ordered half past 4 (but website said if I place order before 5 I am eligible for next day delivery). More over OneStopPhone and e2Save are the same, you get email from server and the contact number agains connects through to their cs team!

    PS3 will be delivered only after 28 days from today! (Thats a long long time!!).. But I guess thats worth the Wait! HeeH! Let me know how others move with with MObile + PS3 deal!

    Cheers & Thanks everyone for help! :-D
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