Good PC for Plex / media server - recommendations?

Posted 23rd Nov 2020
I currently have 2 old server PCs in my garage they basically run Plex, Sabnzb, radarr and sonarr and act as a file sever. I suspect I'm paying a crazy amount to power them as they have 12 x 2tb HDs in each.

The servers are Dell FS12-NV7 - 64 gb ram and 2 x Opteron 2373 2.1Ghz quad core processors in each with twin raid controllers in each.

I got pointed at them 4.5 years ago as a good deal and they run pretty good, but plex can struggle sometimes.

Are there any good PCs out there I could use instead? I need to be able to attach probably an SSD to boot and 8-12tb of Storage. I usually attach extra HDs externally to backup periodically, so there's no real need for Raid, but I guess it'd be nice.

I guess I could get it all running on a single server, so not even a real need to run VMs.

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