Good phone deal that is not an iphone

    Only a few of us know that Apple products are for sheep who are happy to overpay for a brand so what decent multi-function/smart phones are there out there for those a bit more discerning?


    You want the best smart phone that can do everything the iphone can but more (except touch screen of course)? Get the N95, it really is amazing after you get it set up right!

    Something running Windows Mobile 6...

    Get a series 60 phone.
    I have n95 and prefer it over the iPhone

    HTC Tytn II


    HTC Kaiser AKA XDA Stellar AKA Vario 3

    Ive recently got an N82 and found it a fantastic phone, does everything the N95 does but in a candybar style

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    Thanks for the suggestions - any deals? Is there a new se smartphone on the way?

    Three have a great tariff which you may have seen, £25 for 500 mins & unlimited texts on a 12 month contract with £47 quidco cashback and potential for £30 recommend a friend cashback from 3, it comes with a Nokia 6500 which is the only negative.

    However i bought that deal, sold the 6500 on ebay for £151 and then bought the brand new N82 sim free from ebay for £230 and then stuck the 3 sim card in in, the quidco and recommend a friend cashback meant the N82 cost me nothing in reality.

    If the inclusive mins and texts on that deal suit your usage might be worth thinking about if you need the functions of a series 60 symbian operating system handset, you could probably do similar to the above to get an N95 etc.

    I fancy the N95 but have heard poor reports on the battery life.


    I fancy the N95 but have heard poor reports on the battery life.

    Yeah your correct although i think the black 8gb version is a bit better. Thats a reason i went for the N82 as its much better battery than the N95 and it does everything the N95 does but in a candybar form.


    depends what u want if u want a phone for ringing people and dont mind about memory get the motorola l6 for about £20 and its easy to use
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