Good Phone Under £120 - O2

    Hey, I'm Looking To Buy A Good Phone With The Following Features:

    Must Have - Bluetooth
    Must Have - At Least 2.0 Megapixel Camera (Picture & Video)
    Must Have - MP3 Player
    Must Have - Nice Design
    Must Have - Memory Card Slot
    Must Have - Internet
    Must Have - FM Radio
    Must Have - SpeakerPhone
    Must Have - Vibration
    Must Have - TalkTime: At Least 5 Hours
    Must Be - Unlocked, Or Locked To O2
    Must Be - £120 Or Less (Including All Fee's)

    For £120 Or Less , With All The Fee's Included In That Price.

    Dont Mind If Its A Online Order, But Not From LittleWoods Or Great Universal.

    Whoever Can Find Me A Phone That I Like With The All Of The Above Will Get Free Rep!

    I'm Male, So I Dont Want A Pink Phone!

    Good Luck!



    I'm Male, So I Dont Want A Pink Phone!

    Would it make you feel insecure to have a pink phone?:giggle: ;-)

    Damn I wish I could just sleep.

    I got the sony ericsson K800I for £99.99 at the carphone warehouse which i thought was a good deal for the highstreet.


    Samsung U600 - great phone

    Loupomm is selling hers on here for £110 brand new and phones sealed - its on t-mobile, however i unlocked mine for free...

    Original Poster

    Dont like any of those phones, the K800i is quite good, but i think its to thick. All other suggestions welcome, thanks.

    A thick phone mmm,now thats a new one on me:giggle:

    Original Poster


    A thick phone mmm,now thats a new one on me:giggle:


    you calling my phone Dumb? :@! lol it is a bigish phone but thats what i like. i like to feel the phone in my poket. to know its there and not been stolen :\ its a bad world we live in. it is a really nice phone tho LOL

    nokia 6300 its a nice sleek and compact phone.

    its not too expensive either i think its like £100 for a sim free version which is debranded also.
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