Good place to buy a flashcart and modchip

    i want to buy a solderless modchip for the wii - can someone recomen the best chip and where to get it - ive been thinking about getting the drivekey as it seems i onlt have to plug it in between the drive and the board

    also im looking to buy a flashcart for the ds - what ones best and where to get it - i was thinking of getting the ackard r4 i think it was called


    Why not softmod your wii?

    DS carts are now illegal to sell but maybe available still from China.

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    softmodding leaves it more open to bricking for the flashcart, reputable site without the risk of getting fakes that could brick your DS. Also has some good reviews/comparisons of the cards so you dont end up with something terrible like the R4.
    They might poss have Wii mod chips there too, not sure

    I'd recommend either the Edge, Acekard, or DSTT. Dont bother with the R4s, they're rubbish
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