Good place to buy bicycles? (value for money)

    Im looking to start cycling for excersize and need an adult size bike, how much can i expect to pay?


    Tesco had a bog standard push bike for £70,

    You will pay anywhere from £70 depending on the bike materials, suspension etc.

    Halfords normally have a cheap dual suspension for less than £150.

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    Im looking to spend around 150ish, ill go to Halfords i guess, thanks.

    bought a bike for £160 and is good enough for london to brighton in 4-5hrs :-D (then again my friend had a hand me down prob from the scrappy and was along side me most of the way).

    888 post :-D

    Have you looked at Sterling House's site?

    They usually have some good offers on. I've bought several bikes from them and would recommend their service.

    They're ideal for a novice, or like me, decide to get fit, buy a bike, use it twice - then park it in the shed to rust away :whistling:
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