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Found 18th Oct 2017
Want to invest in stocks, never done it many websites out there, anybody had any expoericen with them?
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If you have never bought any shares before then you would first need to set up an online account with a trader. However, in my opinion it is quite risky just to hold one or few stocks. You may find it better to hold a unit trust as they combine everyone’s money and invest in a variety of stocks.

Consider holding these in an ISA or a SIPP or both.

Suggest you read the following guide and see if it helps.……ing
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depends on what sort of stocks you are talking about. fidelity is good for novice. hargreaves lansdowne is good for those with experience.
Halifax share builder. £2 a deal to buy.. I build up a few thousand in shares over a few years to buy a vehicle. I got a dum luck strategy by buying one of the biggest fallers,in the hope they bounce back.
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